CEUs - Advanced - Specialty Classes 

Private advanced or specialty training is custom designed for students with previous experience desiring extra practice or training. $1,000.00 based on 10am-4pm day. Models possibly may not be included, depending on topic, therefore, be prepared to bring your own. Mannequins and synthetic skins are provided.

Option- I travel to your facility. Sometimes it’s better for you to have instruction in your studio, and easier for your client(s)/model(s) to come in without traveling to me.

Instructor- Mary Tanneberg-Hisel CPCP, SME, CMI, State Licensed with DOL and Workforce , SPCP Trainer/member with over 26 years of technical teaching experience.  

  • HONE YOUR SKILLS- Learn new techniques or sharpen your skills in the application of eyeliner, eyebrows and lips. This class is perfectly designed for you if you are:
  •  A practicing permanent cosmetic artist
  •  You want to "take it to the next level" to achieve your goals
  •  You want to attain a higher level of success in your business.
  • Some of the topics in this class:
  • EFFECTIVE NUMBING- Pain control and client comfort is a critical driver to your success.   
  • ARTISTRY-Learn how to create prettier and balanced eyes, lips and brows. Dare to go beyond natural lash enhancement, how to do hair stroke brows that actually look like hair, and how to shape and put smooth color in the lips or reshape CLEFT LIPS      
  • CORRECTIVE WORK- Learn how to correct "poor results" or old faded out color. By understanding why poor results happen with color, placement, fading and color retention, you will become better in your practice.
  • SHADOWING TECHNIQUES- For those soft powdery brows or smudgy eyeliner instead of the penciled or liquid liner look.  
  • SINGLE HAIRSTROKE BROWS referred to as hairstroke, feathering, embroidery. 
  • MICROBLADING and also called MICROSTROKING, a manual method of artistically creating simulated brow hair to give a fuller yet natural look to the brows.        
  • BUSINESS- Marketing, promoting, organizing, branding your business or overcoming obstacles that are keeping you from achieving your goals.
  • AREOLA RE-PIGMENTATION- plus the “Illusion of Protrusion”. Work with your post mastectomy patient by putting the finishing touches on her breast(s) after reconstruction.
  • SCAR CAMOUFLAGE-Learn the technique of stippling and blending colors to make a healed scar blend into the surrounding skin.
  • NEED HELP WITH A MISTAKE? Bring your client over for a mini class. $500.00 includes client session and instruction on possible followup appointments with same procedure on the client. Contact Mary for details.
  • After 27 years of having made and seen just about every mistake possible, I have come to specialize in corrective procedures. If you have an unhappy client you aren’t comfortable working on, contact me and I can assist, either by taking the client at yours or the client’s expense or by helping you via email, photos etc.
  • TATTOO FADING/REMOVAL I recommend Alicia Seyhanli to train you in Eliminink tattoo removal.