Thank you for visiting my new website. It's full of information to help you to understand what it is and why I am so passionate about it. I am blessed to get up on Monday morning, knowing I get to do what I love. How lucky I am that I am in a profession that is simple, yet people  say it gives them them the freedom and confidence to be who they are. They can swim, sweat, exercise, play, cry and LIVE their daily lives without fear of their brows disappearing and loving that they look their best always. To see smiles, tears of joy and to hear the words "This is the best thing I have ever done for myself!" over and over again, I am the one who is blessed! Thank you for trusting me all these years.

And to all my clients, I am here to freshen up your permanent make up for a very very nominal cost to you, remember, your DermaTech Permanent Cosmetics is guaranteed for LIFE!

DermaTech Permanent Cosmetics is a uniquely systemized approach of applying cosmetic tattooing to ensure you will have the beautiful, permanent professional results that thousands of happy clients have come to expect with DermaTech Permanent Cosmetics. If you are interested in becoming a technician of permanent makeup, Mary has been teaching for 25 years. 

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