Student Kit

Sturdy aluminum, locking carry case that holds the following:

Tattoo machine kit, includes machine, switch cord, power pack, foot pedal, lubricant

Color and mixing wheel for cosmetic (tertiary) colors

10 needles, tips and sleeves (2-1's, 6-3's and 2-5's)  (enough for 10 procedures)

Sharps container

Protective eye wear

Disposable gloves


Disposable aprons

Micro brushes  

Marking pencil

2 types of topical anesthetic samples

Black pigment

Pigment caps

Barrier covers for tray

Tissue, Q-tips, cotton rounds, etc.

Suppliers, vendors, manufacturers and  the contact information you need for insurance etc.

All client forms, charting notes, history, and client take home instructions etc. on cd in word doc for your convenience

Exposure control plan on cd in word doc for your convenience

 A portfolio of your clients; before, you working on them, and after on CD.

You are covered in class with student liability insurance.

And more...