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Salt tattoo removal

The blue tattoo color began as 2 round filled areas but began to grow and harden, similar to a keloid, or large mole in texture, approximately 6 months after the tattoo. It was painful to the client, so removal was the desired treatment.

Note: red, green and brown pigments did not have the same reaction.

Bump #1 has red pigment radiating out. (Approximately 8cc across)

Bump #2 has a blue-green stem.  (Approximately 5cc across)



Using a salt paste, the pigment was exfoliated from Bump #1 and #2.



Bump #1

Magnified, blue pigment is visibly exposed, and much was exfoliated.



Less than 1 day after,  both the bumps and the pain were gone.



Bump #1

Magnified, more blue surfaced. During the healing process, the blue pigment continued to exfoliate.



Bump #2



Less than 2 months later, approximately 95% of the pigment was removed, and any remaining pigment particles are nearly invisible.



Bump #1

Under bright light and magnification, the skin is still healing, but the pain is completely gone.



Bump #2



Bump #1

The area has very little trauma, and expect to have little to no noticible scarring.

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