What is DermaTech?

You know how you want your make-up to look, but can't do it right?

Would you like alluring eyes, or fuller, more evenly shaped lips?

Would you rather have sexy brows with  lift, instead of sad droopy brows?

Do you get tired of your make up smearing?

Is it hard to put on make up because of eyesight or shaky hands?

Do you want to look your best all the time, even while you sweat?

Now you CAN make a difference in your appearance safely, simply and permanently!

Welcome. Please take a moment to learn about permanent cosmetics.

What is DermaTech Permanent Cosmetics?

It is a proven time tested system of inserting pigments into the dermal layer of skin. This state-of-the-art technique is medically determined to be safe and specifically designed to have the beautiful results desired.

Permanent cosmetics is used for a variety of cosmetic enhancements such as permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip liner/color. Other permanent makeup procedures include, scar camouflage, cleft lip correction, areola restoration, hairline enhancement, scalp hair simulation and more. Whatever makeup can improve, permanent makeup can too!

Who Benefits from Permanent Makeup?

  • Busy moms with little time to apply makeup

  • People with allergies or sensitivity to conventional makeup

  • People who are afraid to do activities that may cause their daily makeup i.e. brows, to rub off

  • Those who are shaky or physically incapable of applying makeup

  • Athletic and active people and those with oily skin who shed makeup easily

  • Men desiring natural and undetectable lash or brow enhancement

  • Burned, scarred skin

  • People seeking correction of asymmetrical facial features

  • Men and women who wish to look their best all of the time!

What to Expect

Complimentary Consultation                                                                       During the consultation we will discuss the procedure you are requesting.  For example, your brows; Do you change your hair color? The undertones of your skin will be established to achieve the desired color. You don't know what do do with your (lack of) brows? We will design your brows together BEFORE the procedure so you can see how they will look. I won't begin any permanent procedure unless you love them first. Any questions you have will be discussed at this time.

Pigments                                                                                                                     I use only pigments made in the US which are both organic and inert, and even though tattoo pigments are not regulated by the FDA the colorants are on the FD&C approved colorant list and mri safe. What this means is, you can be assured the product going into your skin will give you years of long lasting stable color that is scientifically proven to be perfectly safe, and even though color naturally fades, many colors will last a lifetime.

Pain Control                                                                                                                I use a two stage de-sensitizing technique using over the counter topical creams formulated specifically for this purpose. The first stage begins to numb the top layer of the skin before the first light pass and this allows the second stage to penetrate underneath as well for optimal comfort. My experience is, if you're comfortable, I can quickly insert the color in precisely and with little to no trauma to the skin.

Designing and Choosing Color                                                                     During the consult we will talk about lifestyle, color, and design of your ultimate brow shape, liner style, or look you want to achieve for your lips. Generally speaking, less is better than too much. Although not too difficult, it is quite preferable to add than remove.  I am a perfectionist and together we will design your optimal shape and style.  The ultimate goal is for us to design the perfect brows, eyes or lips that enhances your features, not detract from your natural beauty. This being said, if you love the dramatic look, a natural lash enhancement is not going to be enough, and what our goal here is that when you look in the mirror, you see a better you, not someone new,  which leads us to:

Touch Ups                                                                                                            Two Touch ups are included with every new procedure. And you are given 1 whole year to use these. Why? For many reasons, such as; at first you may not be sure of what you want, or you may love it so much, you want more! (This actually happens all the time!) Other reasons might be a color or shape adjustment, or to fill in a light spot, or perfect the inner corner of the eyeliners so they diminish softly and naturally and are the same on both eyes. Touch ups are for your peace of mind, your "insurance policy". Because for anyone to expect that every procedure on every client will be perfect the first time, every time is unrealistic so this also allows me to truly give you the look you dream of having.

What kind of machine is used? Is it safe?                                                                                                       The Neo Tat which uses standard coil disposable single use needles and cartridges and the Nouveau Contour Digital Rotary machine which is precise and gentle on the skin. The needles are individual cartridges, single use only, immediately disposed of into a sharps container. There is no chance of cross contamination.

Before the procedure                                                                                       Please if possible, to avoid bruising, refrain from taking supplements such as vitamin E, fish oils etc and aspirin products for 4-5 days unless necessary and doctor prescribed. Tylenol is OK. Avoid too much salt for a day or so to help reduce the chance of swelling of the eyelids.

For lips; If you have ever had cold sores or fever blisters you will need to take a medication called valtrex or similar as prescribed by your doctor 3-5 days before and after to prevent an outbreak. L-Lysine will not prevent a herpes outbreak.

What is involved in recovery?                                                                        There will be slight swelling and redness in the area, which will subside quickly. You may resume normal activities immediately after the procedure. Complete healing takes one to six weeks while the pigment settles and reaches its final color.

Follow up/Aftercare                                                                                                   I will go over your aftercare together and it will be given to you to take home.  It is important to follow it precisely to avoid loss of pigment and infection.  Caring for your permanent makeup is essential for achieving the best results.

Healing                                                                                                         Remember that permanent makeup is a process!  Everyone heals differently, no two people heal the same.  The procedure will look darker and more sharply defined immediately following.  In 24-48 hrs. the healing process will begin.  The top layer of skin will have light scabbing which will flake off and expose a softer, lighter color. This is your healed permanent cosmetics. The complete results cannot truly be determined until 30 days after the procedure.  At this time you can return for a follow up appointment.

Long Term Care                                                                                                Taking care of your permanent makeup is essential to the longevity of the procedure. Over time the color will fade.  Lighter colors will fade quicker.  Using a sunscreen over your brows will help maintain the color longer.  Touch up procedures may be necessary in the future to ensure the best look possible. (with the exception of black eyeliner on many clients, which can last a lifetime without the need for touchups) It is as important for me to keep you looking great, so maintenance touch up visits are very reasonable and your information is kept secure for future reference.


Have a question?  Mary is a SPCP Subject Matter Expert and happy to assist... ASK!

If you're interested in learning more about how to have radiant, youthful, unblemished skin, together with DermaTech in house is Professional Skin Solutions.