I’ve thought about doing permanent make-up for about 3 years now. I kept doing alot of research on-line regarding classes and instructors that could give me what I was needing and looking for for the education and training in permanent cosmetics. Everything kept going back to Mary Tanneberg at Dermatech. I finally bit the bullet and did it. Pretty confident that I was choosing the right training and instructor. I had called on a few other classes that were being offered and none of them seemed to be right, no professionalism and things just didn’t seem right, especially when they were offering classes that were only 20 hours long. This was a big investment for me and so I wanted to best of the best when it came to the course. I was still a little bit leary when I got to Dermatech, and then I met Mary. The other student in the class was from Wyoming and I asked her what she was doing in Wenatchee and she said that everytime she did research on permanent cosmetics courses, everything kept leading to Mary at Dermatech. That’s when I knew I had made the right decision. If someone was going to fly from Wyoming to be taught by Mary, that’s was impressive. Once the class began, the information and education is more than you can put a price tag on! The class material was so in depth and detailed, you wanted to get started tattooing the first day of class, but Mary has every minute worked out and knows when you are ready. There’s no short-cutting it. She knows in what order, and what needs to be learned and exactly when. This was WAY more than I had expected to learn. Everyone in the permanent cosmetics industry should be taught by Mary at Dermatech. Mary takes alot of pride in her teachings and her work. And that’s what makes the class so amazing!

— Miriah M. Wyrick Touched By Angels Massage & Spa
I just wanted to drop you a quick note and thank-you for having me last month and doing my touchup. I always enjoy my time with you. I was happy to see that I am on task and doing things as I was trained by you!I just found out that I won a readers poll in Spokane for the Northwest Woman magazine for “Most Fabulous Permanent makeup”. Fun Fun. It is all because of you. Hopefully this will help fill up my schedule a little more. I am getting ready to move my business into Distefanos salon- I will have my very own room! I seem to have a lot of junk now. All is well for me and I hope all is well for you. Thanks Again,

— Alicia S. Spokane
In 1999, I trained with Mary, I thought it was going to be really hard, but she really made it easy, and she helped me so much when I was first getting started. She encouraged me to join a national organization, the AAM, and after 1 year, I had enough practice and confidence to take the National Board Exam and I passed!

I have performed 100’s of procedures, including 2 Mrs. Washington’s! I didn’t learn because of the money, but my income doing PC is 6 times more profitable than doing nails and in less time!! It’s just awesome, I love making women more beautiful! Now, we both share new ideas with each other!
— Angie Martin~Moses Lake
Dear Mary,
I am so glad I came to you. I never believed I could look like this! You took the time to make me feel comfortable about getting something so permanent, but once I saw what miracles you worked on my face I was sold, and I can honestly say this is the very very best thing I have ever done for myself! I get compliments all the time! I knew I was going to the right person because I have only heard wonderful thingsand seen your work for as long as I can remember. Now I know why. I am saving up enough money to pay for my mother to have her brows done, she deserves this and I can’t wait to suprise her!
Thank you!
— K F, Port Angeles,WA
It’s been a couple years and I am still thrilled with the results, thank you! I knew it would turn out good, because I knew Mary would make sure of it! But I never thought it would be like this, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Having my brows shaped and having this perfect eyeliner on so beautifully, it’s BETTER THAN A FACE LIFT!! I heard from every one to go to Mary, and when I heard about the model program, I said “Sign me UP”! I’ve had every thing done and I can’t believe the difference! I’m gorgeous, thanks to Mary and her students! I can’t believe all the compliments I get, everybody tells me I look at least 10 years younger (especially my husband!)! I’m telling EVERYONE!
— Barb W, Wenatchee, WA. (Model/Client)
What a wonderful experience I had yesterday at Derma Tech Salon. I had total confidence with Mary’s students and never felt that I was going to have a less than satisfactory end result. Mary has a terrific teaching style, in addition I never got the feeling that either “student” was making a mistake, if they needed guidance, Mary’s style was such that my confidence was never altered.

I am so impressed with Mary and her talent. I know that she has a vision for growth and change, I am going to enjoy watching it!!

I will be calling again soon!
— Michele
As a 4 year girl I was bitten in the face by a dog. This tramatic incident resulted in facial scarring of my upper lip which I was reminded of each day when I lookied in the mirror. When I heard about Derma-Tech I was exacited to explore the opportunity to repair my lips. Your artistic ability to reshape and add color has completely changed the way my lips look and the way I feel about my appearance. Now I have confidence when I smile and it is great to wake up with pretty lips! I hope that you know how your healing talent has been for me. I will be forever thankful for how you have improved my appearance. Best regards,
— Victoria F-M
I just wanted to write to let everyone know what a wonderful job Mary did for me. I had thought about having eyeliner for over a year..now I wonder why I waited so long!!! I love it!!! I was nervous at first because I wasn’t sure about the level of comfort...I was surprised at how easy the procedure was. Mary took the time to talk to me about what to expect and showed me before so we would be on the same page. The results are great! It’s looks so natural, which is exactly what I wanted...I would recomend this salon to anybody! Thanks again Mary for your patience, gentleness, professionalism and for the beautiful result!!
— Julie P.
Permanent Cosmetics is my answer to a busy lifestyle... There are no last minute worries about my brows, eyeliner or lips...cosmetic tattooing has given me a refreshed look in my later years...! Thank You,
— Maxine H (Student Model)